The World’s First Free Degree Curriculum through and Peoples-uni

Public health has risen in prominence during the pandemic as the world has seen its tools used to improve, maintain and protect the health of the world’s populations.To fulfill the need for learning about public health, has developed two MPH Tracks.’s Peoples-uni Track offers an MPH to individuals for a low-cost, with many students awarded full scholarships.’s Institutional and Student Support Track offers free courses and certificates to individuals and a full curriculum to institutions. The Institutional Support Track is the world’s first globally accessible free, full curriculum for the Master of Public Health (MPH) program.

The MPH Institutional and Student Support Track was developed in partnership with leading organizations, a full list of which can be found here. The curriculum has been developed by a team of qualified professionals, and’s educational model has been extensively tested and validated for efficacy.

Registration, individual course access and content are all completely free, enabling participants to obtain a certificate of completion once all course requirements have been met. The curriculum as a whole is used by partner institutions around the world and has been key to helping partners begin MPH programs.

The Peoples-Uni Track allows interested learners to enroll directly for the full MPH program through’s sponsored partner, Peoples-uni. All course components are conducted online through Peoples-uni, for a small course fee. Many students receive scholarships and will soon be able to apply for graduate assistantships to cover costs. Graduates of the Peoples-uni program are eligible to obtain an accredited MPH from Euclid University, with no extra coursework involved! Additional information about course registration, applications and fees can be found on the Peoples-uni website.

Dr. Enegala, a graduate of the MPH offered through Peoples-uni, shares his experience and offers advice to interested students:

This valuable opportunity is the first offering of its kind, made possible through the dedication and sponsorships of the’s team and our many distinguished partner organizations. Take the next steps toward your future, and register for the Master in Public Health program with Peoples-uni, or take a free course at Advance your knowledge and become an active participant in the improvement, protection and advocacy of public health worldwide.