University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine’s 2021 Commencement

Ceremony: First Graduating Class

On Saturday, May 8th, the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine (UIWSOM) honored its first graduating class of 2021. and UIWSOM have collaborated to create a Master in Public Health (MPH) degree, creating new opportunities for future UIWSOM graduates. Furthermore, UIWSOM’s Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) graduates have taken’s Epidemiology and Biostatistics courses as part of their curriculum. The commencement ceremony, held at Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium, was also broadcasted live and can be viewed here.

Learn more about the partnership between and UIWSOM here.

As graduates crossed the stage, their vitality and pride were evident. Despite the challenges of pursuing tertiary education while navigating a global pandemic, these graduates succeeded through their intelligence, determination, and sacrifice. UIWSOM also highlighted their inaugural class of the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program. These pioneers have succeeded in untraversed territory, paving their own path and inspiring others to do the same.

Each UIWSOM graduate has the potential to impact society in a positive, meaningful way. As the world changes, adaptation, flexibility, critical thinking, and creativity are necessary to persist and succeed, and UIWSOM’s graduates have exemplified these qualities. Thus, they deserve to be recognized and honored for their efforts. The world is ready to benefit from this new generation of innovative professionals and the changes they will inspire. applauds the graduating class of 2021 and looks forward to your future achievements and contributions to building a better world.